2 IN 1

Goodies first brand is surrounded by the stunning beauty of Siargao island,
which is our greatest inspiration.

Our place responds to the wonderful idea of finding a delicious, healthy and creative breakfast, lunch or dinner in your favorite natural shop in the city, bringing in the island vibe and aesthetic native design.

And it also provides the great convenience of finding the most varied ingredients to try to replicate at home the special dish you liked so much from the restaurant menu.


Goodies reveals its charm and finds balance in the harmonious communication between the coffee place/restaurant and the shop.

All in one place, with zero carbon foot print.


The very essence of Goodies has to do with the way we look at the world and our position and responsibility towards it.

In a planet where the use of plastic is not taken as seriously as we would like it to be, we have set out to maintain a zero plastic policy in all our products in the shop as well as in everything concerning the restaurant and café.


We believe it is important to study the different ways in which sustainability can be put into practice.

This conviction allows us to innovate with creative proposals in the kitchen, taking advantage for example of the seasonal ingredients available, and also to relate with suppliers whose vision corresponds to ours, and develop ventures that respond to the same conviction that assures us that the benefits of applying sustainability in the methods are for everyone.

We Are Food Lovers

The international culinary experience we enjoy planning and delivering is what distinguishes us.

We find an endless source of creativity in the possibility of putting our own twist on the flavours that most impact us from cuisines and cocktails from around the world.

Our store

Good food, good things, good vibes. Every day.

Tourism rd, Catangnan. General Luna.
Siargao Island, Philippines.

Open every day.

From 7:00 am to 10:00pm.