What a year it has been!


It has been a year full of excitement, challenges, food, music, and great people. A year in which the dream of providing our island home with unique, high-quality and sustainable products came true. And, a year in which we saw first-hand how vulnerable we as humans are.  


Take some minutes to read our story!



Our story began in one of the most uncertain times in our life, during a global pandemic. An event that changed everyone's plans.


Back in March 2020, the world we knew changed completely. In a matter of weeks, countries closed their borders, flights got canceled, and thousands of people were locked down at home. Many others got stranded away from home. This was our case. 


We got stranded on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Siargao island, a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea. There were tough times but we are grateful for having spent the pandemic surrounded by the ocean. And beyond grateful for the Siargao community. It is the most unique, multicultural and talented community you could imagine.


Living in this paradise, and embracing the local lifestyle made us think about our role on the island. How could we contribute to the island's needs while providing locals and visitors with a unique experience? 


It was when the concept of Goodies came to our minds. It started as an idea of making healthy international food and providing an alternative to plastic products. But it was thanks to the talented and visionary team that Goodies became a reality.

It took us one year to design and build Goodies. Finally, on 16 June 2021, still under national lockdown and low intensity of tourism, we opened our doors to the public. 


Rapidly, Goodies became the second home to many islanders. From coffee lovers, foodies, and digital nomads, to families, surfers and yogis.


For six months, we hosted unique international dinners and live music sessions. We also hosted events with partnering brands, like the Rafikimono night. 

A stone in the road…


The island was slowly receiving more tourists, and we were getting ready for our first Christmas season. The long-awaited opening to international tourism was getting closer, it was all looking very promising. Until mother nature sent us a message…


Exactly six months after we opened, on 16 December 2021, the island was hit by the Category 5 Super Typhoon, 'Odette'. It was an unexpected and powerful storm. It destroyed more than 90% of the island, including our beloved Goodies. 


This natural disaster, not only left countless losses but many learnings for us. On the one hand, it was a wake-up call from Mother nature on the effects of climate change. On the other hand, it showed us the resilience, solidarity and strength of the people of Siargao. 


To know more about the typhoon and post-typhoon life on the island, watch the videos from our good friend, Tal.


Six months after such a catastrophe, we opened our doors again. The same version of Goodies but with a greater environmental and social vision.



Our vision is simple: to provide the island of Siargao with fresh food, responsible products, and a unique experience. Goodies is the one-stop shop for all those who want to eat and shop sustainably.


We make sure all our products are GOOD for you, GOOD for the planet and GOOD for the people. 


GOOD Food!

At Goodies you can indulge without guilt! 


Our restaurant offers a variety of fresh and healthy dishes, and high-quality coffees and teas. Also, delicious tropical smoothies for complementing your pre and post-surf sessions. At night, you can celebrate your first wave -or your double overhead wave- with one of our signature cocktails.


If you are one of those who prefer to cook healthy meals at home, our shop will be heaven for you. You will find a unique selection of organic nuts, dried fruits, granolas, teas, spices, grains and much more! 


Note: Goodies has a zero plastic policy, don’t forget to bring your container!


GOOD Products!

At Goodies you can also find all sorts of sustainable beauty, fashion and home decor products.

We make sure that all our products are natural, ethically sourced and cruelty-free. But, above all, we make sure that both Goodies restaurant and shop are plastic-free. We acknowledge the unnecessary amount of plastics dumped into the oceans. Thus, it is our commitment to being part of the solution. 

Furthermore, we support local communities and young entrepreneurs from all around the Philippines. We source directly jewelry, shoes, bags, clothing and home decor. We also have our line of T-shirts, tote bags and bamboo products. All made in the Philippines. 

All you need for a stylish and sustainable island lifestyle!

GOOD people!

Nothing of what we are could have been possible without the people surrounding us.


From those friends who have contributed to the conceptualisation and materialization of Goodies, to the staff members that work tirelessly to receive you every day with a big smile, and to those customers that have been part of the Goodies family.


If there is one thing we have learned from Siargao is the deep sense of community. We are proud to say that it is now incorporated into Goodies’ DNA! 


We have been through a lot in just one year. Together, we have not only overcome the most challenging events but we have been also able to help others.

GOOD Vibes!

Lastly, but not least, Goodies is a place full of charm and good vibes. It’s a place that welcomes the diverse and multicultural island community. 


We welcome locals and expats. Single mothers, friends and families. Solo travellers, digital nomads,  and dog lovers. Musicians, surfers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who shares the same love for food, world cultures and the planet.



In case you missed out on our first year, let us show you our journey through photos and videos. 


If you are one of those lucky ones who lived this first year with us, take this opportunity to go back to those beautiful memories.



It has been a year full of challenges, unforgettable experiences, and many learnings. To celebrate the beginning of a new Chapter, we officially launch our new website! 

Now, you can buy all our products online and get inspired by a sustainable island lifestyle.

Salamat karajaw!!